Melanie Wilson

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Melanie Wilson is a London based performer, writer and sound artist.

Why we work with Melanie Wilson

We first saw Melanie perform as part of Patter (the company she set up with Peter Arnold and Emma Benson) and Kate worked with Melanie on a show she made with Catherine Dyson called Dead Man’s Biggest Fan.

Melanie has an incredible stage persona and when she’s on stage it’s difficult to watch anyone else. She also performed with Clod Ensemble in Red Ladies. We began to see her as an individual artist with interesting politics and a stylish and strong creative vision.

In 2007 she performed her first solo show, Simple Girl at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It’s a brilliant show with an intriguing and funny sound design where the audience are complicit in the character’s journey through the show. We wanted to make sure more people saw her work and so we began working together on touring Simple Girl.

Melanie has a unique view on the world and her storytelling through sound is unrivalled.