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Our programme

In January 2009 we undertook a three year long project, supported by Awards for All, researching and understanding how to sign interpret our productions in an artistically motivated way.  We worked closely with BSL sign interpreter Martin Roberts, as well as seeking advice from other experienced practitioners such as Paula Garfield, Artistic Director of Deafinitely Theatre.  This valuable period of research and development enabled us to produce our first sign interpreted performances and we now seek to programme BSL interpretations of our work whenever possible. 

Feedback from deaf audience members at the interpretation of The 14th Tale in Manchester:

“really enjoyed it and Martin the interpreter was great”

“want to see more shows like this!”

We are currently continuing our research with the support of The City Bridge Trust.  For more information, to get involved, or to book for any of our forthcoming sign interpreted performances, please email

Fuel gratefully acknowledges the City Bridge Trust for the support of their access work.

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